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    By the end of the summer, surfers and body boarders from all over the globe will land in Taghazout to enjoy beautiful - and sometimes challenging - waves. If you're planning to visit Taghazout in the surfing season, you might want to consider few things we'll mention in this article.


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    Maybe the idea of moving to a small fishing/surfing village southern Morocco is a little crazy. But it's the best thing to do when you're building your startup and getting to the entrepreneurship "world". Here's why !

    Saving money

    Startuping is all about cutting costs. You need every...
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    Have you ever heard of Bodyboard World Series ? You sure did on VTC ! But what does it really means ? In this article, we'll tell you everything about Bodyboard World Series competitions, and more.

    Bodyboarding - an international passion

    The Bodyboard World Series - or Tour - were held...