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    We’ve interviewed Maptia, a successful startup built by 3 british entrepreneurs, who chose Taghazout to develop their startup and launch the beta of their website. Maptia is also the first startuping experience in Taghazout.
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    Jokes are essential to life, even for surfers ! Here are some of the best jokes surfers love to share when they're bored. (Or not!)
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    The VTC team has met with Brahim IDDOUCH, a very talented bodyborder from Agadir. We wanted to share with you this exclusive interview to let you know more about him. Enjoy !
  • Item thumbnail “BOILER BOYS” ~ Boilers is the most consistent wave in the popular surf region of taghazout, morocco. a boiler deposited in the lineup from a shipwreck marks the takeoff spot, hence the name ‘boilers.' there’s a group of fisherman who live just above the high...
  • Item thumbnail By : Stefan Nadelman (USA) The O’Neill UNREASONABLE film festival continues with film no. 4 "Waveform" from award-winning artist Stefan Nadelman from...