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Taghazout is a charming small village located only few kilometers up north Agadir city, a beautiful seaside resort reknown for its long walking distance beaches and nature. The village is famous for its beautiful beach  and diverse reefs. It is also well known for its laid back atmosphere and easy going lifestyle. You can get away from the stress of your daily routine in this village. Taghazout has a lot to offer.

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This website is to bring the community of taghazout and all its visitors together. We aim to improve the conditions of everyone living, visiting and  staying in Taghazout village.

Our strategy is simple yet effective, VTC will  keep you informed with all what is going on in the village. In return, we want to see people interact and share their experiences.

going lifestyle

Taghazout village is one of the best surfing destinations in the world and remains the closest one to Europe. If you want to surf the waves with international champions or learn how to, you are in the right place.

You can grab a bite at one of the cafés or enjoy a meal around the fire or on a terrace, or just make your own with a drop of argan oil and still enjoy the view of the ocean. You can buy your fruits and vegetables from the local shops and get fresh fish from the fishermen, all for a very small price.

One of the Best startup hubs

If you would like to establish a new business or relocate your start-up, Taghazout is the pefect place to do so. It is one of the world’s best start-up hubs. There are few coworking spaces who opened not long ago in the village and they are doing just great. In such places and environment, you get to do your work comfortably. You can meet up and connect with other professionals and get to share your thoughts and ideas with them. Socialising and making new contacts with others in Taghazout is not an issue.

In addition of the cheap living and the pure ease of getting things done, Taghazout village offers you an atmosphere where you can work productively and still get time to boost and refresh your energy. After your working hours you can meditate, take yoga classes or a hammam session with an intense massage, surf or just take a walk on the beach and chill. You are located only few meters from the Atlantic Ocean and all the food you can get from the shops or the weekly market is organic. Money is not really an issue in this area. All expenses are reasonable. It is one of the cheapest places you are likely to find in terms of living and working costs.

The community of Taghazout is nowadays a multicurtural environment where people from all over the world visit the village. Each one of them brings something special and valuable to the community. Everyone knows everyone and you can feel the warmth and hospitality within the community. You socialise with locals and visitors and realise that there is always something to learn. Life here is so simple that it makes you feel amazingly good !