Interview / Brahim IDDOUCH, Moroccan body-boarder

The VTC team has met with Brahim IDDOUCH, the bodyboard Moroccan champion. We wanted to share with you this exclusive interview to let you know more about him. Enjoy !


We want to know more about you !

My name is Ibrahim IDDOUCH and I was born in 1984 in Agadir city, Morocco. I started boadyboarding in 2001. I used to practice with my brother, my cousin and few friends. It was more like a hobby at the beginning. I remember that my first time in water was with my cousin Rachid. He would lend me his spot and teach me how to bodyboard. I used to bodyboard mainly during weekends since I was still a student back then, but dedicated myself completely to the bodyboarding once the school year was over. My first competition was in 2004 during the Moroccan Championship in Tamri. I run 8th on the list. Since then, I have been participating in more competitions. I realised my first victory in 2005 in Casablanca and became Morocco’s Champion in 2008. My career took off when I participated in the European Championship on which I came 5th in France and 2nd in Portugal. I have been approached by many sponsors and thus, was able to start an international career.

"My career took off when I participated in the European Championship on which I came 5th in France and 2nd in Portugal."

Is there a bodyboarder in particular who has always inspired you ?

The bodyboarder who has always inspired me and who is my big idol is the hawaiian Jeff HUBBARD. I have been watching all his videos since my early beginnings, and I was constanlty impressed by his level of performance. I met him for the first time in 2009 in Spain and was extremely happy because I never thought that I would get to see and meet in person such a great sportsman. Now i see him more often during competitions and series, which is really cool. Jeff HUBBARD is unquestionably one of the best in the discipline of the bodyboard.

What marks you the most when Taghazout is evoked ?

At the beginning, Taghazout was just a fishing village. Even Banana Village where I live was. The surfers were present and unlike today, we did not have surf camps, or such a thing as surf’s economy. Even Moroccans who practiced were very few. But things changed quickly and surfing turned out to be the main economic activity and source of living in the village. Currently, everything is about surfing, either that is about the accomodation and services or hotel business and hospitality, in particular with the project « taghazout bay ». Most fishermen work in the shops or surfing camps. The majority of those who practised back in the days became boadyboard or surf instructors. In the space of ten years, everything changed ; Taghazout became one of the best surf destination in the world.

What are your favourite spots for surfing ?

There are many spots that I like, in particular La Pointe, La Source, Mystery, Imssouane, Km11 and Tamri. The area of Taghazout is one of the best places in Morocco to practise the bodyboard. It is one of the main reasons why surfers and tourists come to taghazout. Over here you can also find some of the best waves in the world.

Describe to us your perfect day routine in Taghazout Village, from morning until evening

I usually wake up early in the morning to go to surf. I go looking for good waves in particular to ride by furrowing the Taghazout coast, or I just go until Tamri when there is no swell in Taghazout. Once I finish my morning session, I go for lunch at chez Ibrahim Restaurant, which is not mine (laughs) but one of my friends, and I consider it as one the best restaurants in the area. If there are waves opposite the restaurant, I pile up again for another session, or I just move towards Surf Immourane Association, which is next to the restaurant to meet my friends and talk while waiting for the sunset for a late surf session, if the conditions are adequate to do so. After the evening session, I just go home to rest. However, this is how I usually spend most of my days.

Can you suggest a playlist, of your choice, to accompany this day?

I listen a lot to Berber music, in particular artists like Oudaden and Iznerane. I listen to everything really, but my preference remains Berber music.

What are your objectives for the rest of the season?

I am actually in the top 24 and I aim to be part of the top 10 and achieve good performances. I am the only Moroccan who has been in the top 24 for 3 years, and I hope for this year to still progress and carry out good performances.

A note for the end:

I would like to thank all my sponsors, my fans and all the people who take an active part in the development of the discipline of the bodyboard. I would like to thank visittagahzout as well, which is a good initiave for the promotion of Taghazout village. Thank you!

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