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The VTC team is delighted to have interviewed a blogger passionate by the beauty of Morocco . Our guest did not remain indifferent to the charm of Taghazout .

Hello Monika, and thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. How did you get to the idea of starting the adventure Bewildered in Morocco ?

Haha, do you mean my move to Morocco or the idea to start the blog? I believe that coming to Morocco was destiny! I came here first in 2010. Loved it and felt that it was much more than Marrakech and Agadir. I promised myself to come back one day. For longer. An opportunity came by itself. Iapplied for an internship but honestly, I didn’t expect too much from it. I thought it would be too beautiful to come true. Well, it came. I bought my ticket for three months at first…and it was over 2 years ago!

Regarding the blog, I’ve always loved writing and doing my own projects. I created Bewildered in Moroccoto share my observations about Morocco from a foreigner’s perspective. It eventually became some kind of a databse and a place where you can find tips about Morocco – foreigners started asking me questions, suggestions – I didn’t expect this much interest from people.

Since the beginning of this adventure , you visited several cities and regions of Morocco , what that you remember the most from this trip ?

What I remember the most about my trips around Morocco is the hospitality of random people! Sweetness received from strangers. Faith in humanity restored.

You had the opportunity to visit the village of Taghazout , how did you find
it ? And have you enjoyed the stay ?

My stay in Taghazout was very short, I spent more time in the surrounding villages (Tamri and Aourir). I had an impression that Taghazout is a city for free spirits and inspiring individuals – cosy restaurants and surf shops everywhere.

I really loved the atmosphere! Banana village stole my heart, I took many photos there and I am planning to come back to Taghazout again to dig deeper and discover the city and experience its ambience properly!

Is there any special encounter or memory that you want to share with us during your stay at Taghazout?

I just fell in love with the free spirit ambience…

During your journey , you certainly enjoy the local specialties and listen to Moroccan music ? What are your favorite ?

True. I genuinely enjoy fassi music. It reminds me of inspiring moments I spent in the old riads and of peaceful l’Eid I spent with my friend in Marrakech. Regarding the specialities, I am fan of fish and Friday couscous.

A note for the end.

I’d certainly encourage people to visit as many Moroccan cities as they can! Morocco is such a diversified country. I love the way Taghazout is a perfect fusion of traditions and modernity, attracting international surfers and tourists and still keeping this Moroccan thing in it…

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