Interview / Othmane Choufani - Moroccan Big Wave Hunter

Hello Othmane and thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Who is Othmane Choufani , and where did get your passion for surfing ?

Hello, my name is Othmane Choufani , 23 years old. I am from Agadir, Morocco. I started surfing at 3 years old on a bodyboard and I was always very attached to the ocean and felt comfortable in it. I am now a big waves professional rider and devote my life to hunt the largest one around the world.

Othmane Choufani Visit Taghazout

You gave up the competition to devote yourself to Big waves . What is your motivation behind this shift ? And what are your goals for the future?

I never liked to surf against someone but rather against the ocean. I love spending time in the water and push my limits. I was always attracted by big waves , and my goal for this year or the next is to qualify for the big wave tour, which is the dedicated circuit for the big waves, and continue to look for large swells around the world and in Morocco with professional friends who will join me if the conditions are good.

Let’s go back, you have already had the opportunity to
surf in Taghazout and IT’s Surrounding Spots, what are your favorite spots to practice ?

I love Tagahzout, I surfed the spots here during the winters for over 10 years . I love the Tip of the Anchors , the Source and Mystery early in the season when the sand is in place !

Is there any particular memory that marks you during your sessions in the village and its surroundings when you were
young ?

My two best memories in Tagahzout are : One morning when i was 14, i went by bus with my best friend and we arrived and there was this huge off-shore tube. We got in the water and it was a really good session, and was the first time that i broke my 5,6 board in two.

The second memory was the day when there were big waves and my father did not want me to go to the water. I hid myself to put my suit on me and I headed towards the water and he ran after me to catch me up. I got to jump before he made it and i managed to catch a big wave. I was 15 years old at the time.

Who says surfing, also says music. What is your current
playlist of the moment?

I listen to a bit of everything, but right now my favorite song is Genocide from the last album of Dr. Dre ” Compton “. Otherwise , I like all B.O from surf films, my favorite being New Noise by Refused.

A note for the end ?

I want to thank all my childhood friends , and all my close friends that i met in Tahiti, Bali and Mexico ! All these people made me feel at home and I thank them immensely.

I want to thank gratefully Paradis Plage Surf – Yoga and Spa Resort partners, Quiksilver , Go Pro Morocco , Extreme youth , motor sports eXtreme ma, Surfing Souss and Imouran surfing association.

And i want to thanks my parents who have been there for me 23 years ! Long live Morocco, and the moroccan green passeport ! I am proud to represent my country, and congratulations to all the Moroccan surfers and bodyboarders around the world who do a great job and also the Moroccan Royal Federation of Surfing and Bodyboarding, which is participating actively to develop this discipline in Morocco.

Interviewed by : Abdellatif Bennani Smires for VTC –

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