Interview / Krista HAAPALAINEN Miss World Finland 2014

VTC is really delighted to have the beautiful Krista HAAPALAINEN, Miss Finland 2014 as our first interviewee. Miss Krista visited taghazout village few weeks ago. Find out more about her short visit to the village.

Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

I am Miss World Finland 2014 and I went to London for one month to compete for Miss World title. Sports have always been near to my heart and that showed in London when we had “Sports Woman” competition. I won that with double gold medals and I can say that it was one of my greatest moments in my life. The final result of the competition was 17/121 that is the best in over 20 years in Finland.

" I love travelling and everywhere I go the "Sportswoman" in me follows me. That is the reason why I also wanted to go surfing.There is a little crazy part in me that took me to those huge waves that we never see in Finland. "

Nominated as Miss World Finland 2014

Went to London for the Miss World Title

The 64th edition of the Miss World pageant was held on 14 December 2014 at the ExCeL London, 121 contestants competed for the crown.

Is this your first visit to Morocco?

This was my first time in Morocco and I have to say I was very surprised, in a good way! Morocco is way more modern than I thought and people seem happy. I think their king is doing good things for the people.

Can you tell us in more details about your stay in Taghazout?

I was staying in Agadir but we took two days trip to Taghazout. I loved the place because there I could feel the local Moroccan life. We went surfing with local surfteachers and they took us to this one restaurant. It was the best place during the whole week! No tourists and very tasty food. We bought some bananas and strawberries and gave them to the chef. He prepared them for us for dessert.

Is there anything in particular that got your attention in the Village?

In the village I saw this local market area. We just drove right through it and I will remember that for the rest of my life. It was so beautiful. I also love how they sell bananas everywhere.

Would you consider coming back again ?

I would definitely concider coming back! Waves are really good for surfers from beginners level to the pro.

If you have the ability to change something in Taghazout, what would that be?

I can’t think of anything that I would like to change.

How did you feel during your stay?

My first impression was pure love! That was the real Morocco that I was hoping to see! Real local spicy and colourful Morocco.

Finally, do you have a message or something you would like to say to the community of Taghazout?

Thank you for being so nice and understanding for women who do not use traditional islamic clothes.

Interviewed by : Safia Bahi

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