Why you should consider moving to Taghazout to build your startup

Maybe the idea of moving to a small fishing/surfing village southern Morocco is a little crazy. But it’s the best thing to do when you’re building your startup and getting to the entrepreneurship “world”. Here’s why !

Saving money

Startuping is all about cutting costs. You need every cent you could save to build your business and start your activity. In Taghazout, you’ll find beautiful and cheap places to stay and work with your team but also, you’ll be able to feed your team for 15$ a day ! Everything is cheap in Taghazout or in Agadir comparing with european countries or the US. Internet connection is becoming more and more stable in the area, and cheap (9-10 euros per month for 4Mbps broadband connection)

Relax when you feel exhausted

Building your own startup could be exciting, though it is definitely stressful and challenging. You’ll face different problems you’ll have to solve in order to move on. Sometimes, it could be difficult and you should relax and get away from work a little. In the village, there’s a lot of activities like surfing, swimming (beach is 5 minutes by walk), yoga, trekking, golf and a lot more ! Some of them are free while other activities are not free, but mostly cheap.

Connecting to… the World

Taghazout is located about 40 Km (~ 24 miles) from Agadir Al Massira Airport. For your meetings inside or outside Morocco, you can book easily your trip and be in Europe in 3 to 4 hours. Easyjet, Ryanair and other international airlines are scheduling their flights from Agadir daily. For other destinations, book your flights from Casablanca’s International Airport (1 hour flight from Agadir) and enjoy flights around the world.

Welcome to Taghazout ! ( In Arabic : Merhba bek)

If you ever decide to move to Taghazout, you will certainly not be the first. Other startups and business incubators are already based in Taghazout. Like TheBlueHouse.io, Berber Blue, Maptia (formerly) and a lot of other cool startups there. So don’t worry, once you land there, there’s company. 😉

Feeling convinced ? Drop us a line at contact [@] visittaghazout.com if you want to know more about relocating in Taghazout. We’d love to help (and maybe share a cup of coffee when you land here !).

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